DR Engagement Ring Collection: The Complete Guide

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DR Engagement Ring Collection: The Complete Guide

The importance of an engagement ring in someone's life is something that you cannot ignore. This will reflect your concern, love, affection, and intimacy for your partner. That's why an engagement ring needs to be special, exclusively designed, adorned with diamonds, and personal. 

Engagement rings with such special meanings are not often seen, but recently there is an emerging engagement ring brand that is quickly coming out of the ring with its unique brand concept. That is Darry Ring with its brand concept that one can only buy a DR diamond ring for the love of his life. DR engagement rings have also quickly entered the limelight and have become an everyday topic of discussion.

6 Popular DR Engagement Ring Collections

Below mentioned are some of the top-ranked DR diamond ring collections. Knowing about each DR ring collection will ease your journey to get the perfect engagement ring for your soulmate. You need to do this homework because this would be your lifetime purchase. So, invest in something unique and a special DR engagement ring.

1. DR My Heart Collection

This DR engagement ring collection needs no introduction because it makes and sells all the diamond rings from the heart shape. This heart represents that only one person in your heart would be special and only in your life. You can find any heart shaped engagement rings from this My Heart Collection to meet your needs, such as a luxurious double halo engagement ring or a simple heart engagement ring with a big diamond. 

DR Engagement Ring Collection: The Complete Guide

2. DR Forever Collection

As the name implies, this DR engagement ring collection is about making your ring as eternal as a diamond. You will find handcrafted, personalized, and perfect 6 prong engagement rings from this super cool ring collection. The beauty, charming looks, rarity, sophistication, and ethical sourcing are all the perks of having these amazing DR engagement rings in your life. Above all, these rings are made with precious metals. 

DR Engagement Ring Collection: The Complete Guide

3. DR Love Line Collection

Antonio Miccia is credited with the designing of this luxurious DR engagement ring. This ring collection has its roots in European handfasting rituals. Everything in this Love Line ring is commendable such as the ribbon, band, center, and of course, the diamond. These DR diamond engagement rings will become your dream rings with their gold ribbons and white band that make a perfect combination for your love.

DR Engagement Ring Collection: The Complete Guide

4. DR True Love Collection

The concept and aim behind making this amazing ring collection are to highlight the intentions of someone to stay with his love for a lifetime. Each DR True Love ring with a round halo signature falls under this beautifully crafted ring collection. In this DR engagement ring collection, you will see the main diamond at the center and surrounded by the halo diamonds.

DR Engagement Ring Collection: The Complete Guide

5. DR Paris Collection

The design of the DR Paris collection is inspired by the pyramids of the Louvre in Paris. The strongest angle of the pyramid's structure, 52 degrees, gives DR Paris rings a firm and undying love. Equipped with triangular elements in a pyramidal shape, DR Paris engagement rings are modern and elegant in style, chased by many bold and avant-garde brides-to-be. You will find two main designs with these rings, i.e., halo engagement rings and princess cut engagement rings.
DR Engagement Ring Collection: The Complete Guide

6. DR Believe Collection

Inspired by snowflakes, this DR engagement ring is made with a brilliant round diamond at the center of the ring, and a fine band surrounds it. These Believe rings symbolize that your love is as unique and pure as the snowflake. Equipped with shimmering light and unique flower patterns, DR Believe engagement rings are distinguished among all the top ring collections.

DR Engagement Ring Collection: The Complete Guide

A Small Token Of Appreciation

To wrap up, you can say that there are many different and sophisticated DR engagement ring collections to fit your characteristics, and each one is known for some reason. Choose the engagement ring of your dreams by following this complete buying guide of  DR ring collection according to your personality.

P/s: All design above make me fall in love... Very nice and look like luxury design of the ring. Hope one day, some one can give me as gift... hehe... just imagine.. 😁... Imagine is free

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