5 Qualities of an Excellent International Courier Service from Malaysia

Maria Firdz
بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم 
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You’d only have one attribute that proficient international courier services should have from numerous people’s opinions– quick delivery. And while that’s essentially everything customers ask for, there’s usually more you may need than agility. Most overseas courier services in Malaysia operate in tight-grip competition, and a good number will tout themselves as the best. However, only a few cut the chase and not only deliver packages timely but offer a few other perks to get you head over heels. Here are the essential qualities of an excellent international courier service from Malaysia.

1. Various Shipping Options for Quick Deliveries

You’d assuredly value a courier service having tons of shipping options compared to one with a few, especially for international courier shipping. These include International Import and Export Express and document express or Economy Import and Export. However, that’s only a scratch on the surface since numerous options exist for specific courier overseas shipping services in Malaysia. A courier service with multiple shipping options makes quicker deliveries, virtually everything you’d ask for.
5 Qualities of an Excellent International Courier Service from Malaysia

2. Worldwide Shipping

Of course, international couriers ship their products to customers across many countries. However, a few would have exceptions, limiting product shipping to a few countries. If you’re out of their shipping services, they won’t render their services. Luckily, most shipping companies from Malaysia render their services worldwide, and you can procure similar services by visiting https://www.dhl.com/discover/en-my. A courier service that operates without boundaries, except for certain restrictions – regional or government – is your go-to option.

3. Ability to Book Parcel Pickups Online

One significant problem with most international courier services is that they don’t allow you to book parcel pickups online. Therefore, you must track back and forth to pick them up by yourself, which wastes valuable time. However, those who do allow that have the upper hand since it’ll enable their customers to save on the effort and time required to pick parcels once they receive an order.

4. Package Tracking and Tracing

Customers are incredibly impatient and would wait for a second more from when a courier service plans to deliver. Perhaps it’s the anxiety that comes with it or the downright annoyance of a failed promise. However, an international courier service that offers tracking services is your best bet at getting the best services. It helps with the satisfaction of knowing the exact location of your package, so you don’t keep anticipating throughout the shipping process.

5 Qualities of an Excellent International Courier Service from Malaysia

5. Experience

Experience in shipping operations is usually a selling point for most courier services, and rightly so. However, that doesn’t mean that newbies aren’t well-versed in offering shipping services. Instead, if they promise other added perks, you definitely shouldn’t toss them to the side. However, experienced courier services have a proper grip of how it works and typically guarantee probably the nest shipping operations.


Courier services from Malaysia offer the best services, but you need to be selective to get the best. Luckily, you won’t look hard enough before stumbling onto one if you understand the qualities that you need. Whether shipping locally or abroad, working with the best courier services in Malaysia is your best bet for quick and more professional deliveries.

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