Activities To Do in Serangoon

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Activities To Do in Serangoon | Many youngsters are starting to look for a property. Serangoon HDB might be a good choice as Serangoon has a lot to offer. Moreover, property in Serangoon is definitely more affordable than properties located in the Central Business District. This article will guide you through the activities that you can do in Serangoon.

Activities To Do in Serangoon
Activities To Do in Serangoon

Activities To Do in Serangoon

1. JForte Sportainment Centre

JForte Sportainment Centre is a centre for sports of bowling and American pool. The bowling centre integrates training facilities with entertainment capabilities. It is armed with colourful lightings and sound. JForte Sportainment Centre is a great place to go if you have nothing better to do in the night as it opens till late night. Instead of wandering around with nothing better to do, why not enjoy a game or two of bowling or pool tournaments with your friends? The bowling rates are really affordable as well and it comes with student rates for those aged 21 years old and below.

2. Bouncing Kids

Bouncing Kids is an air conditioned indoor playground catered to children aged 1 to 12 years old. This is the right place to bring your children over to enjoy themselves. The playground includes tubes, tunnels, slides, swings, bouncing bridge and a ball pool with thousands of colourful balls. You can also organize a birthday party for your child here with their affordable Bouncing Kids Birthday Packages.

Other than the indoor playground, there is also a gym here catered to gym junkies.

3. The Cyclist Mess

The Cyclist Mess is a local home grown company founded by 2 avid cyclist with an aim of providing high quality, comfortable and affordable jerseys to fellow cyclists. You can even customize your own jersey to suit your own taste or your team needs. You get to choose the type of jersey materials, cutting, and printing at affordable price. The jerseys from The Cyclist Mess are ultra lightweight and use only breathable mesh to keep fellow cyclists confortable in this hot and humid weather. The sleeve ends comes with printed gripper elastic that helps to keep the sleeves snug and aerodynamic, at the same time, providing smoothness and comfort.

4. Serangoon Community Park

Serangoon Community Park is a park with pedestrian bridges and bright coloured shelters. It is a good place for you to hang out with your family. There are a variety of amenities available in the park such as a fitness centre, foot reflexology paths, playground and amphitheater. You can have a weekly exercising plan with your family to jog around the park. Not only you get to exercise to keep yourself healthy, you get to spend time with your loved ones as well. Killing two birds with one stone. What is best is that all these come with zero charges. That means, it is free to enjoy the amenities in Serangoon Community Park.

5. Chomp Chomp Food Centre

When it comes to Chomp Chomp Food Centre, the first thing that comes to their mind is food paradise. Chomp Chomp Food Centre is located in a neighbourhood that serves all the local favorites food. A few of the must try items include the Ang Mo Kio 409 Fried Carrot Cake. The carrot cake is fried the Chinese way and is totally different from the Western carrot cake. The carrot cake here is fried with egg and served with chili sauce. Ah Hock Fried Hokkien is also another must try food in Chomp Chomp Food Centre, The noodles are fried with broth that is a combination of pork bones and prawns for hours, then serve with their homemade chili sauce. Do expect at least 45 minutes before you get to enjoy your plate of Hokkien Mee. The next must try item is the Chong Pang Chicken Wings from stall 28. The BBQ chicken wings are marinated in a secret recipe before grilled. Each of the grilled wings are juicy and tender, and will definitely leave you wanting for more.

There are a lot more to offer in Chomp Chomp Food Centre. Do visit yourself to find out more of the goodness offered there. Plus point - most of the stalls here operate till late at night. So this is definitely a great supper hangout place.

6. Ice Edge Café

Ice Edge Café is a café cum restaurant and has been around for quite some time. Are you a gelato lover? Do check out Ice Edge Café if you are having a gelato craving. Apart from gelato, Ice Edge Café is also serving salads, pizzas, pastas and etcetera. Dishes served here are generously portioned and wallet friendly too. Dessert lovers and durian lovers will absolutely love the legendary Mao Shan Wang Lava Cake, brownies and waffles.

In conclusion, Serangoon is a great neighbourhood to live in. Not only you get to visit some family friendly places with your loved ones, you get to enjoy many good food as well.

It's my first time hear about this place... As mention above this place very suitable for family activities... Let's go to Serangoon... 

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