5 Important Things To Know About HONOR Magic 5 Sale

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5 Important Things To Know About HONOR Magic 5 Sale

No smartphone company is credited with creating those phones that are the perfect blend of extraordinary designs, incredible storage capacity, improved battery life, highly inspiring, and capable of bringing unbelievable photography experience to your life. However, exceptions are always there. Honor company is the sole smartphone maker or manufacturer that can take this credit. The latest creations of this company include HONOR Magic 5, especially in Malaysia. The HONOR Magic 5 sale is unbelievable in Malaysia.

Reading this article will bring the five most important aspects of HONOR Magic 5 phones to your sight and knowledge that these phones are worth their value. So, read more to grab those five facts about these honor's latest phones.

Glacier Blue & Black:

These two colors, glacier blue and black, are the statements of style and elegance that you usually get for your personality. These colors are highly inspiring and can easily match the personality of varying natures. These colors look loyal on mobile phones and even on other things.


MagicOS 7.1 Operating System:

The MagicOS 7.1 operating system is the latest Android version-based operating system. This operating system brings advanced features such as fast internet speed and coverage, uninterrupted browsing of your data for a long time, the latest themes to your camera, a long-lasting battery and durable capacity battery, and many other things related to Android version 13. As per its name, this operating system brings magic to all the parts and elements of these mobile phones.


54MP Wide Main Camera & 12MP Front Camera:

You must know that a good smartphone is usually made with two cameras. These two cameras are the front and main cameras, with varying power and performance. These HONOR Magic 5 phones have a 54MP wide main camera with a 32MP Telephoto camera, and Front Camera contains maximum video resolution power. Additionally, you will find improved features in video shooting, video capturing, face recognition, zooming in and out for your images or click, stabilization mode for your pictures, and many other modes to bring natural effects to your images. Such features are used to acquire clarity and purity for all the snaps you shot.


5100mAh Battery Capacity:

The addition of a 5100mAh battery to these HONOR Magic 5 phones proves that these phones can handle extreme battery usage day and night. The most frequently used battery-making material, lithium polymer, is also used in manufacturing these mobile phone batteries. Whether you are looking for wired or wireless charging devices, these phones are considered a suitable option.


Cellular Network Ranges From 2G To 5G:

With the permission to use all kinds of networks or even two different networks in the same honor phones, you will also get the option to use all kinds of cellular networks. These cellular networks came with the demands of modern times. However, 5G is the latest of all the internet technologies in this modern time.


5 Important Things To Know About HONOR Magic 5 Sale


The HONOR Magic 5 sale in Malaysia is going on these days because the Honor Company has started launching its products in different parts of the world. The recent collaboration with the Malaysian government is a worth noticing example. So, you can buy these advanced honor phones in Malaysia quite easily.

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